Making It Big With Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

There is a rapid increase in overall population. The increasing aging population is becoming a problem. All of these have led to desperate needs for more health care services and professions. This is in order to provide sufficient health care for the people. Compared to other industries in the economy, the health industry can be considered as the most stable industry because health services are constantly needed and are definitely necessary no matter what the situation of the economy.

One of the popular courses projected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics to greatly grow in the coming years is the occupational therapy profession. According to the Labor Statistics, job opportunities for professional and licensed occupational therapists are expected to grow about 26% from year 2008 until the year 2018. This growth is definitely higher compared to other growing professions in the health industry like physical therapy and nursing. The growth was brought by the increasing aging population in the country and in other countries around the world.

Aside from the aging population, the total population of disabled people is also significantly increasing nowadays resulting to the increasing demand for health care professionals like occupational therapists. Occupational therapists are becoming highly in demand because they are the main professionals who are well trained, skilled and knowledgeable in health services that can promote the physical, mental, emotional and social conditions of the people.

Licensed occupational therapists can also choose from wide varieties of work settings from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home cares, orthopedic centers, health centers and natural therapy centers. Occupational therapy graduates with specialization in various sub fields in occupational therapy also have more job prospects and better career options because of their specialization and advanced knowledge. These sub fields can include ergonomic consulting, driver rehabilitation, and childcare. Occupational therapists with higher educational degrees and trainings like a doctorate degree can also work in academic institutions like schools and universities to teach and train future occupational therapists.

Aside from better career opportunities, one great thing about acquiring a degree in occupational therapy is that the salary for almost all types of OT jobs are high relative to other salaried jobs in other industries and even in the health industry. Entry-level occupational therapists can earn $45,000 for the first few years of their career while experienced and advanced occupational therapists can earn as much as $120,000 every year. These high salary levels are reflection of the educational investments, trainings and accomplishments obtained by the person just to become professional and licensed occupational therapist.

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