Making A Career Change From Being An OT Aide To An OT Assistant

Some people will use the term occupational therapist (OT) aide and occupational therapist assistant interchangeably but this should not be the case. An OT aide is different from OT assistant though they work closely with a licensed occupational therapist. Both of them work under the supervision of an occupational therapist and together they work to reach a common goal, which is to improve the patient’s quality of life.

In the career ladder, the highest position would be the occupational therapist. Next will be the occupational therapist assistant then the occupational therapist aide. If you are an OT aide, then you might want to consider going one-step higher in your career. This will enable you to have better job opportunities and more job prospects. As an OT assistant, you will have a higher salary and improved job description.

So how can you become an OT assistant from being an OT aide? It is advantageous that you start your career as an OT aide since this will give you a good background on what occupational therapy is all about. This can have already established your foundational knowledge and skills needed to be an OT assistant.

In order for you to be an OT assistant, you need to attend an associate’s degree or a certification program. This can be obtained from your community college or any educational institution. There are over a hundred accredited schools across the United States that you can choose. Since acquiring an associate’s degree is a higher level of education, you need to get familiar with different scientific disciplines and other related subjects such as anatomy, physiology, medical terminologies, therapeutic procedures, healthcare procedures, mental health, pediatrics, and geriatrics. If you want to further increase your chance in being admitted to a quality school, you need to have good grades on health sciences during your high school years. Your background as an OT aide will also be a plus point so that these schools will accept you.

Another way to become an OT assistant is to study online. Numerous online colleges provide quality education when it comes to being an OT assistant. By studying online, you can reap the benefits and advantages it offers. It is always good to make the necessary steps and sacrifices to improve yourself. It is never too late for you to pursue a higher education since learning is a life-long experience. Plus, there are a lot benefits that one can get from it along the way.

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