How To Improve Your Career As An Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy is a medical profession that focuses on assisting people with mental, physiological and physical disorder to perform activities of daily living independently. The main purpose is to provide children with disabilities to participate in social and school activities and to help adults with disabilities to recover from physical and cognitive disorders. It aims to improve comprehension, adaptation and education of an individual.

There are many options for an occupational therapist to improve their career. Clinical area provides you with an option to improve your career by taking field of specialization. Special sections may include:

  • Mental health

-        Help patients with metal disabilities, cognitive and developmental delays, and emotionally disturbed

-        Provide activities that will improve the ability of a person to cope with stressful situations and engage in productive actions

-        Help people with alcohol problems, drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, depression, and emotional distress

  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

-        Help people recover from physical weakness and restore physical function

-        Assess the ability of the patient to perform activities of daily living and restore independence

-        Providing compensatory approaches to increase physical performance and improve daily activities

  • Learning Disabilities

-        Develops a program that will reestablish skills and learning capabilities of an individual

-        Consider and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the patient concerning learning ability

  • Orthopedics

-        Help patients to reestablish musculoskeletal functions brought about by trauma, accident and injury

-        Assist in passive and active exercises to enhance muscle strength to optimize physical performance

  • Pediatrics

-        Assess and evaluate the capability to learn of the children according to their chronological and mental age

-        Help children with disabilities to enter special education programs

-        Assist children with disorders to perform activities of daily living independently.

Other occupational therapists may also work in universities and schools as teachers. They train future occupational therapist and supervise their works in clinical settings. They also supervise occupational therapy assistants.

They may also participate in research programs. Research programs may include new activities and approaches for the physical wellness of the patients. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to produce the most appropriate treatment and fast recovery of the patients. They attend multidisciplinary meetings and make suggestions in making treatment plans and evaluation of the treatment.

A Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Occupational Therapy can also be obtained through further studies. This profession requires continuous learning through seminars, studies, programs and training.

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