How Smart Do You Need To Be To Become An Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is a health profession that helps and assists people with behavioral disorders, physical and mental disabilities, and developmental delays. Occupational therapists aid in the restoration of physical and physiological health, improvement in mental ability and independence to do daily tasks.

Occupational therapists must be smart and knowledgeable to do their job properly. Assessment, creation of treatment plan, and evaluation of the progress of the patient needs cognitive abilities as well excellent problem solving capacity. They need the ability to identify the difficulties of the patient and the ways to prevent restrictions. Formulation of the treatment program needs careful plan. Furthermore, evaluation and the response of the patient to the treatment must also be carefully recognized. If the patient is unresponsive to the treatment, then you must be able to change and come up with another treatment program.

They also must learn to refer their patients, make recommendations, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to make the condition of the patient better. They must also learn to teach other family members about the condition of the patient as well as the needs of the patient. The family should learn the suitable activities and exercises at home for the patient to do.

Excellent communication skill is another important trait that occupational therapists must possess. They should learn on how to communicate properly with their patients and the people around them. A patient with disability has behavioral changes. For instance, a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome has difficulty concentrating and learning disability. To be able to achieve the goal of the therapist, the therapist should know how to get the attention of the patient to cooperate in the activity or during the treatment process.

Writing ability is another characteristic that an occupational therapist must have. Doing written observations regarding changes and progress in the condition of the patient should be in details. This is for the therapist to know if the treatment programs works for the patient.

Critical thinking is also an important trait that a therapist should have. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your patient. Occupational therapists are focused to enhance the ability of the patient to learn and provide approaches that will improve their weak points. Teaching patients with learning disabilities is very challenging. Therapists create the best approach for the patient to gain knowledge and capacity to do daily tasks without difficulties and independently. Therefore, occupational therapists must be smart and expert in handling these patients.

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