How Much Do Occupational Therapy Assistants Get Paid?

Occupational therapy is a fantastic career which provides its practitioners at every level to enjoy something which is intrinsically rewarding as they make positive differences in the lives of their patients and clients. However, it’s also important to evaluate the logical side of any career or calling, and that’s why it’s necessary to examine factors such as how much OTAs get paid. Use this guide to learn more about much occupational therapy assistants earn.

The great news about being an occupational therapy assistant is that not only do you get those great intrinsic rewards, but you’ll also be entering a lucrative career as well which will pay you handsomely for doing what should be a dynamic and exciting job. Plus, the only education required is a two-year associate’s degree program, so this will help you save a great deal of cash compared to four year bachelor programs or other longer or more intricate educational paths.

On the whole, median annual wages for occupational therapy assistants was $48,230, as of May 2008. This is higher than many people would predict for a median salary in the field, and it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s also a figure that has been steadily on the rise as well over recent years with past surveys and information made available from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Taking a closer look at that figure, and you’ll find that the middle 50 percent of the field makes between $39,000 and $58,000. The highest 10 percent of the field earned more than $65,000, which is fantastic, and shows you what you can work towards with experience and high quality performance. Things which may boost your salary over the years will include continued education and potential certification or specialization in specific areas of the field.

Different places of employment for OTAs also have different salary figures. The most lucrative employer for occupational therapy assistants was home health care services, where a median salary of $53,000 was available. Other specific figures include $50,810 and $50,790 for health care practitioner offices and nursing care facilities respectively and then $45,760 for general hospitals and $41,850 for elementary and secondary schools.

On top of all of this, it’s also crucial to note that employment for OTAs is rapidly on the rise. When you graduate from an accredited program in this field, you’re going to be in high demand. That means not only will these great salaries be available, but you won’t have a hard time finding a job to begin with. That just makes it all the better to get started with your new career as an occupational therapy assistant.

So, as you can see, OTAs can command a very high salary. With just a two years associate’s degree program, you can launch yourself into a career where with some experience and seasoning, you could potentially earn more than $65,000 annually. Salaries are on the rise too, and they’re only going to continue to get better for this rapidly growing and exciting field.

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