How Much Are Occupational Therapist Earning Nowadays?

When pursuing a career, it is also important to see how much you will be making as a professional. College degrees can be expensive to take up and getting a student loan to finish your course can be weighing down on you when your job is not paying enough. If you are on the path of taking up occupational therapy you may want to know how much it can pay you when the time comes you land such job.

For entry-level occupational therapists, starting salary can be as low as $23.52 per hour to as high as $49.29 per hour. This means that annual income for that low hourly rate is $48,624 while the higher rate means annual earnings of $102,520. The average starting salary for an occupational therapist is at $34.77 per hour or $72,320 annually. The difference in the hourly rates is usually based on which state an occupational therapy job is taken. The more urbanized an area the higher the salary while rural areas tend to pay less.

There is a direct relation to the living cost of a person to the salary given. Therefore, the higher the cost of living in a city or an area, occupational therapist earns more. In addition, big cities have more demand in the services of an occupational therapist. Thus, they can offer great salary packages. Huge companies or medical institutions can also provide high salaries. Therefore, in choosing which particular area and which company you work for will be a factor on how much you can earn as an occupational therapist.

You should also understand that the typical way to increase your salary in working in this field is to expose yourself to experience and continuing education. Being certified is not necessary but it means that you allow yourself to be in a higher standard in this profession and more income. There are specializations in occupational therapy that can add credentials to your continuing search for the better job offer. Specializations include Certified Hand Therapist (CHR), Certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR). There are many other specializations to push the occupational therapists income.

Comparing the national average salary of an ordinary worker, which is $41,673 to that of an occupational therapist at $72,320, you can see that this career pays high. Therefore, if it is you passion to handle people at all times physically and emotionally, this career might just be the right one for you.

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