How Much Are Occupational Therapist Aides Earning Right Now?

A career in occupational therapy sounds good today because of the increasing aging population. The aging population needs a lot of attention and the healthcare industry is preparing for this. The shortage of healthcare workers is a problem, which is why the government is encouraging students today to pursue a career in healthcare. As for you, being an occupational therapist aide is a quick way to start a career and earn money without the strict requirements.

An occupational therapist may be required to earn an associate degree or complete a certification program. There are healthcare facilities that do not require these. There are occupational therapist aides that obtain training through the job alone. Occupational therapist aides offer support and assistance to occupational therapists. The employment is projected to grow fast because of the increasing number of people with injuries and disabilities.

What Does An Occupational Therapist Aide Do?

An occupational therapist aide provides rehabilitative services to people who have mental, physical, developmental and emotional disabilities. The main goal of occupational therapy is to enhance the ability to perform daily tasks. The treatment should develop independence among patients and this should make them more confident with themselves. To put it simpler, occupational therapy helps patients adapt to the world around them.

As an occupational therapist aide, you have to assist the occupational therapist perform and administer the treatment plans. You will help the patients perform activities and exercises. You will assist them with their needs. You have to keep track of their improvements and keep the records organized. Your job is to keep a record of all health insurance bills. You will organize materials and equipment needed for an occupational therapy treatment session. Administrative tasks will be done like scheduling appointments, completing paperwork, answering phone calls and maintaining supplies.

How Much Do Occupational Therapist Aides Earn?

The median salary of occupational therapist aide is $36,660 annually while the 50% of occupational therapist aides earn $31,090 to $43,030. The lowest 10% earns less than $25,600 per year. The highest 10% earns higher than $48,480. Occupational therapists earn more but these figures are not bad at all given that occupational therapist aides need not earn a bachelor degree.

This is high time to become an occupational therapist aide because of the increasing demand for occupational therapy. The employment is expected to expand a lot quicker compared to other healthcare occupations. With the aging population rising, there are more injuries and disabilities experienced and occupational therapy is needed.

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