High Paying Jobs For Occupational Therapists

The career of the occupational therapist can be found in a variety of work settings.  This gives room for flexibility to a profession to allow growth and experience higher job satisfaction.  Additionally for occupational therapists, the work also has different specializations to focus their career after a few years of experience.  From this, advancement in the career can be pursued allowing for more exposure to what the occupational therapists can do in their fields and increasing their earning capacity.  As stepping up the ladder in being an occupational therapist, aside from learning possible jobs available it is also imperative to know how much is earned in the different work areas.

For occupational therapists that want to receive a good paying post, it is important to know which institutes are able to pay high.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of an occupational therapist is at $72,320 in May 2010.  But in recent surveys, the average yearly income has increased to $94,000.  This is noted to be thirty percent higher in comparison to the national average of all job postings.  The surge in salary is due to the high demand for occupational therapists as the aging population is rising and the percentage of autism is also increasing in children.  In addition, occupational therapists are also needed in various medical institutions for patient treatment.

The highest paying job for occupational therapist is putting up their private practice.  The expected income of occupational therapists with their own clinics is between $95,000 and $150,000.  For those working in the rehabilitation centers in hospitals and other medical facilities, the median salary is at $93,000.  Occupational therapists that are working on the outpatient department are able to earn $92,000.  There are occupational therapists specializing in pediatrics that allow them to make as much as $73,000.  The occupational therapists employed in school institutions are receiving annual pay at $ 71,000.

From this data, one can assess as to which medical or educational institution to eventually get a permanent occupational therapy job.  Of course, the skills, experience and capacity of the occupational therapists have to be considered to provide the best services in accordance to standards.  But overall, occupational therapists typically follow the path where they want to be and not just based on which can provide the highest earnings.  That is why these therapists are observed to be among the professionals having high satisfaction rates on their jobs.

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