Duties And Responsibilities Of An Occupational Therapist Aide

The work of the occupational therapist is not done without the help of others.  Aside from the therapy that is given to the patients or clients, administrative duties and logistics are part of the everyday routine.  This is important as well to make sure that the clinic is able to run as smooth as possible.  Hence, where occupational therapists do their practice, they also need assistants and aides to perform other daily tasks.  Occupational therapy aides are there to do basic things in the routine responsibilities in the clinic.  Read on to know more about the duties and responsibilities of occupational therapist aides.

Occupational therapist aides usually are given training on the job by the occupational therapists themselves.  Part of the duty of an occupational therapist aide is to ensure that the treatment area for the patients is properly prepared.  This means that the materials are within reach for the occupational therapist and the equipment are assembled already.  Aside from making the area ready, the patient should also be prepared by the occupational therapist aide.  This can be done by welcoming the patients as they arrive and by making them comfortable while they wait for their therapy to start.

Aside from this, the occupational therapist aide also does clerical and administrative work.  They have to schedule appointments, answer the telephone and do paperwork including filling out insurance forms.  This is imperative to be able to obtain the claims from the insurance companies where treatments for patients are covered.  Along with it is keeping the cleanliness of the clinic as well as replenishment of materials.  The area of the treatment should be always in order to provide a clean environment for the occupational therapist to work on.  For maintaining equipment, the occupational therapist aide has to call technicians to check on the machine and to do the repairs if necessary. With all these, the occupational therapist aide is certainly a great addition to balance the clinic duties.

To become an occupational therapists aide, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma.  No training or certification is needed, as the occupational therapist will be able to provide the training on the job.  This is a good start for those who pursue to be an occupational therapist but want to have proper exposure on the practice.  With the first hand experience and understanding the profession, the occupational therapist aide has an advantage in beginning in this level.

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