Companies Offering Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs

In becoming an occupational therapist, various jobs are available to jump-start the career.  Occupational therapy graduates can choose to work locally and practice their profession within the area.  But there are those that select to practice as traveling occupational therapists.  Numerous companies offer the occupational therapist traveling jobs because of the high demand for them.  It has been realized that the knowledge of the occupational therapists greatly affects the way in which people live their lives especially in dealing with developmental disorders.  Read on to know more about the companies that offer positions for traveling occupational therapists.

To those that want to travel as much in their profession, occupational therapists can find jobs of this kind from recruitment agencies, travel medical staffing companies and medical personnel services.  Most of these are medical companies that specialize in providing different healthcare professions for a short period of time as needed by medical institutions and other settings that require their expertise.  The travel ling occupational therapists can work typically for thirteen weeks in between assignments.  One can easily find job listings for these types of occupational therapists in the internet, newspapers and other materials where jobs can be posted.

Occupational Therapy Travel JobsAs you know, this is a lucrative job for most is because of the benefits, which are offered to the qualified occupational therapist.  Other than the traveling expenses going to the assigned area and back, housing stipend or reimbursement is also given along with per diem allowance for living costs.  This is advantageous to the occupational therapist, as the salary received will be treated already as savings.  Aside from that occupational therapists that has the ability to travel tend to receive more than those who cannot.  These occupational therapists also have the option to take breaks in between the traveling periods to get some rest or vacation and spend it with loved ones and family.  Other benefits such as cable TV while on travel, medical insurance, life insurance, performance bonus and completion bonuses are also included.

The minimum requirement to become an occupational therapist is a master’s degree in occupational therapy.  Those that have completed the master’s program can then take the certification exam and state licensure to start their practice in the profession.  The traveling occupational therapists can then start searching for work from the companies mentioned above.  The average salary of occupational therapists that travel is at $70,000 whereas those who are starting can receive an annual income at $59,000.

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