Career Opportunities For Aspiring Occupational Therapists

The demand for occupational therapist is increasing every year especially for occupational therapists that has a field of specialization. This means that individuals who want to be an occupational therapist have a bright or great career opportunities waiting for them.

The salary of occupational therapist may be affected by numerous factors such as the location of work, position, years of experience or by educational attainment. Although the salary vary, it is still a great paying job overall.

Job Or Career Opportunities Available For Occupational Therapy Graduates


  • Rehabilitation Centers

Occupational therapy graduates can work full time in rehabilitation centers in aiding patients with various disabilities. Most rehabilitation centers are equipped with computer tools and equipment to assist treatments.

  • Home Health Care

Demand for in-home occupational therapy is rapidly increasing due to the growing population of aging baby boomers. Occupational therapists working in homes do not have the advance equipment or computer tools so this type of service is only best for less impaired patients.

  • Life Planning Coach

Graduates of occupational therapy can also open a career as a planning coach. Planning coach helps a disabled person to engage and function as a normal person through appropriate future job training.

  • Hospice Care

Aspiring Occupational TherapistsPatients with potential of improving their functional abilities are not the only ones who are entitled for occupation therapy service. Occupational therapy is also an essential component in the hospice and palliative treatment of patients with terminal illnesses. The loss of mental and physical abilities shows that it can result to social isolation of the patient, which may result to the rapid decline of the patient’s health.

  • School Occupation Therapist

A lot of occupational therapy graduates prefer to exclusively work with children in secondary or elementary schools. They evaluate every child’s abilities and come up with recommendation regarding the condition and come up with a therapy right for the child. The school occupational therapist collaborates with the teacher and other school staffs in helping children diagnosed with mental or physical disabilities.

  • Nursing Homes and Adult Day Care

A majority of occupational graduates open up their career working with the elderly patients. Those who are in the nursing facilities and adult day care locations help the seniors to live their life more active, productive, independent and rewarding.

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