Can You Work From Home As An Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is a medical profession that provides patients with rehabilitative and therapeutic care and treatments. It manages people with mental, physical, physiological and emotional disabilities. Occupational therapists help improve the cognitive and motor skills of an individual. They use purposeful and meaningful activities as well as exercise to enhance the ability of an individual to learn basic tasks such as eating, walking, drinking and getting dressed independently.

Most occupational therapists can be found in the hospitals and rehabilitation centers. However, they can work from home as well. Patients who are not able to go to hospitals or rehabilitation centers are the ones that occupational therapists visit. These patients need assistance to improve their ability to perform simple activities on their own.

Occupational therapists who work at home assess the physical, mental, and physiological needs of the patient. They then formulate the most appropriate therapeutic program for the patient. They then assist the patient during activity or exercise and evaluate the response of the patient to each treatment. They work closely with the patient.

Proper communication is very essential in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists must be able to communicate with their patient to recognize the disabilities as well as the capabilities of their patients. They usually treat one patient at a time. Full attention is needed since evaluation is made after therapy. Patience and determination are the two important factors needed for the therapeutic program to be successful.

Most patients that occupational therapists handle have behavioral problems. This is the reason that therapists must have the patience in dealing with their patients, since these patients have mood swings. They may not be cooperating at the moment, but maybe later. Therapists must learn how to address every behavioral change accordingly.

Occupational therapist working at home must have the proper tools and equipment needed during the therapy of the patient. Patients have their own schedule visits to the therapist. This is to ensure that the patient has the full attention of the therapist, especially when they are handling children with disabilities. Every treatment used is noted as well as the response of the patient to each treatment.

Occupational therapists also teach the family of the patient on the activities and exercises to be done at home. This is to ensure that there is continuous treatment and intervention. Independence is one of the main goals in an occupational therapy program. Therefore, to be able to teach the patients independence, their family must also learn how to teach the patient on how to become independently.


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