6 Hints For Locating Great Occupational Therapy Job Openings

Occupational therapy involves the assisting of people who are unable to live independently. People who are undergoing trauma, have illnesses, and were involved in accidents are just some of the patients an occupational therapist may have.

Occupational therapy is increasingly becoming a popular career choice as almost every sector welcomes the addition of an occupational therapist in its team. If you are an aspiring occupational therapist, you can look for budding careers in the following sectors:

  1. 1.       Health Sector

Occupational therapy is generally part of the healthcare sector and some countries have these as prerequisites before obtaining a medical or chiropractic degree. Occupational therapists are welcome additions to retirement homes and clinics, too.

  1. 2.       Forensics

Crime scene investigation teams often welcome members of the health care communities. Occupational therapists can diagnose and give their opinions and advice.

  1. 3.       Child Services And Welfare

Occupational therapists can work with various age groups from children to the elderly. Social services and welfare also welcome the addition of occupational therapists in their team to assist victims of child abuse or battery. Occupational therapists are well versed in dealing with patients who have had emotional or psychological trauma. They help these patients have a more positive outlook and assist them in their road to wellness.

  1. 4.       Rescue And Emergency Teams

When natural disasters and calamity strike, or in the event of terrorist bombings or mob attacks, organizational therapists can be part of rescue teams who can save the lives of civilians who are caught in the crossfire. They help the victims with first aid and assist them in the road to recovery.

  1. 5.       Teaching (Schools And Universities)

If you are hesitant in doing fieldwork or you have garnered ample knowledge of occupational therapy due to experience, you can also practice and share your profession by teaching. Many schools and universities offer teaching posts for occupational therapists. The subject may necessarily be restricted to occupational therapy itself. They have ample knowledge and can teach biology, health sciences, and physiology, among others.

  1. 6.       Sports

Many athletes experience various sports injuries and an occupational therapist is always needed on standby. Boxing, mixed martial arts, basketball, and soccer are just one of the athletic activities many players are getting involved. Sprained ankles, busted kneecaps and twisted shoulders are just some of the things occupational therapists encounter during these sports events and they should be instantly available to provide first aid and assist the player in their recovery by teaching them some exercises so they can regain full use of their injured limb.


  1. Well, health sector is best for occupational therapist. But they can also try in other sectors.

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