Income Data And Top Paying Cities For Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists play very important role in the recovery of patients from various disabling conditions or diseases. A lot of people nowadays suffer from disability problems affecting the capability to work and do basic functions every day. Occupational therapy is one of the main healthcare … [Read more...]

How To Get Into The Best OT And OTA Schools In Alabama

Occupational Therapist

Health professionals are among the indispensable workers in any community of Alabama.  It is through their knowledge and skills that they are able to help cure or maintain the health of the people as much as they can.  Among these health workers, who are fundamental in any medical facility, are … [Read more...]

Work Areas For Occupational Therapists

Mental Health Problem

A lot of health conditions like mental and disability problems are now affecting various people of different ages. Some are incurred because of accidents, injuries, and illnesses, while some are acquired at birth. Because of these health problems, a lot of disciplines have been developed in order to … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Practice Areas: Children, Health And Productive Aging

Aging Population

It is a fact that Occupational Therapy is a field of medicine that aims to improve a patient’s quality of life through gaining independence. Patients of occupational therapy are people who have physical, mental, emotional and behavioral problems. Often, these people have trouble performing daily … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Practice Area: Work, Mental Health And Rehabilitation

Aging Workforce

The demand for occupational therapists has risen dramatically in the past years. A major reason for this is the increasing aging population. With the growing number of elderly, more occupational therapists are in need to help them regain some sort of independence despite the old age. However, this … [Read more...]

An Honest Assessment Of Why You Should Become An Occupational Therapist

Assessment Of An Occupational Therapist

After high school, students are faced with the decision to go to college or not. Those who choose to go to college have to decide what they will major in. Since the healthcare industry is the second largest growing industry today, it will be wise to consider a career here. You can become a doctor, a … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Education Programs, Best Schools, And Career Opportunities

Education Programs

Occupational therapy is a health care profession aimed at helping people of all ages recover from various health conditions that affect their abilities to function normally and do daily routines necessary for survival like eating, bathing, and washing. Physical therapists are the professionals who … [Read more...]