Advantages Of Online Occupational Therapy Education

Advantages Of Online Education

There are many occupational therapy programs available in various schools but there are people who cannot find time in their busy schedules or life to go to school. Nowadays, education can also be attained through the online programs using the internet. These online courses allow people to get their … [Read more...]

What Is The Role Of An OT Working In A Hospital?

Occupational Therapist

You would think that an occupational therapist will only work in his private clinic or rehabilitation center but you should know that they also work in hospitals. Occupational therapists are highly needed in different medical facilities and they have a huge role in all of them. What Does An … [Read more...]

Simple Tips To Reduce Occupational Therapy Education Cost

Occupational Therapy Education

The cost of education varies due to various factors like the school, their reputation, and geographical location. This is also quite the same with occupational therapy education. Tuition in a prestigious school tends to be higher than the tuition fee imposed in less recognized and popular … [Read more...]

Potential Earnings Of Certified Occupational Therapists In The US

Occupational Therapists

Although there are many occupational therapy jobs available, the best job under this profession would be the jobs by certified and licensed occupational therapists. To become a licensed OT, you will need a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. The long investment in … [Read more...]

Top Occupational Therapy Schools In The US

Occupational Therapy Schools

One of the most ideal industries to work for today is the healthcare and medical industry because despite the condition of the economy and the whole country, services from this industry is still in demand by millions of people who need healthcare and medical attention. One of the most rewarding and … [Read more...]

Companies Offering Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs

Offering Occupational Therapy

In becoming an occupational therapist, various jobs are available to jump-start the career.  Occupational therapy graduates can choose to work locally and practice their profession within the area.  But there are those that select to practice as traveling occupational therapists.  Numerous … [Read more...]

How Much Are Occupational Therapists Earning From Clinic Jobs?

Occupational Therapists Earnings

It is a common fact that every occupation has its compensation to the employees for putting in the necessary work for a period of time in order to supply himself with the things he needs not just for himself, but also for his family. Putting ourselves in the medical field, one can expect an above … [Read more...]

How Occupational Therapists Help With Recovery From A Stroke

Occupational Therapists

  A heart stroke can be fatal but there are people who survive from strokes. However, after surviving the stroke, they are never the same. People who survive strokes sometimes end up incapable of talking, walking or doing other physical activities. To help stroke survivors go through the … [Read more...]

Will An Online Associate Degree in OT Prepare You For A Great Career?

Online Associate Degree in OT

Before, people were not adamant about pursuing a career in healthcare and they prefer being in the field of management or information technology. Today, many high school graduates are contemplating on pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. The main reason is the shortage of healthcare … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Occupational Therapy Career

Occupational Therapy Career

It is true that a career in the healthcare industry is fulfilling and rewarding but are those enough reasons for the hard work you need to put it? Occupational therapy is one of the most meaningful fields in the healthcare industry and there is a range of practice fields that you can choose. Today … [Read more...]