Continuing Education For Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy is a growing profession. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapy will grow by 33% up until the year 2020. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone. Basically, occupational therapists help people perform their daily activities despite … [Read more...]

Various Institutions Wherein An Occupational Therapist Can Work

The career of the occupational therapist can be found in different work areas.  Occupational therapists are employed in various institutions because of their ability to guide individuals to become independent no matter their condition.  The work of the occupational therapists mainly focuses on … [Read more...]

Rehabilitation, Disability, and Participation For OT

Occupational therapy is playing major role in the healthcare industry since it is a field that takes on the holistic treatment of an individual. The primary goal of occupational therapy practitioners is to help individuals regain their independence so their quality of life will be improved. This … [Read more...]

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Proves To Improve A Child’s Life

Occupational therapy is not only for adults. It has a lot health benefits for children too. There are children born with certain disorders and disabilities. Occupational therapy will help the children become independent so their quality of life will be improved. There is no harm in trying … [Read more...]

Professional Organizations For Occupational Therapy

Most if not all, medical professionals have their own organizations to be affiliated with.  This is because their work has to follow standards to enable a uniformity of services offered to the patients.  This holds true for occupational therapists as well as their work is focused on assisting … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Career: The Hard Work And The Rewards

Any career in the field of healthcare is something an individual should work hard for. The healthcare industry is expected to provide high quality health care to patients and they should meet these expectations every day. They will only employ qualified and certified healthcare professionals. … [Read more...]

Children And Youth Practice Area For OT

One of the practice areas for occupational therapy continuing education that you would want to pursue is children and youth. This practice area focuses on the children of today starting from the infant years to the young adulthood. There are six emerging areas in children and youth those … [Read more...]

High Paying Jobs For Occupational Therapists

The career of the occupational therapist can be found in a variety of work settings.  This gives room for flexibility to a profession to allow growth and experience higher job satisfaction.  Additionally for occupational therapists, the work also has different specializations to focus their career … [Read more...]

How Different Is An Occupational Therapist Aide From An Occupational Therapist Assistant

If you do not have plans of becoming an occupational therapist right now, you might want to look into other jobs in the field of occupational therapy. Two prominent job titles are occupational therapist aide and occupational therapist assistant. The two have its similarities but there is a line … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Degree: Degree Options For A Successful Career In OT

A career in occupational therapy will not be possible if you do not have a degree. Luckily for prospective occupational therapy students, OT education is easily available today. They can apply in online occupational therapy schools, in local colleges and universities. The high availability of OT … [Read more...]