Occupational Therapy – One of the ”Best Careers” in 2012

One of the most lucrative jobs nowadays is Occupational Therapy. Through this kind of health service, people are encouraged and provided help in order for them to obtain a satisfying and meaningful life. Occupational therapy usually involves helping people interact and participate in various … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy: Jump Right Into A Truly Rewarding Career

Every day, people neglect to be thankful for how blessed they are. They can support themselves and they can perform independently. Unfortunately, there are people who are not blessed to have completely healthy bodies. There are those who have neurological disorders and disabilities that hinder them … [Read more...]

How to Stand Out In Your Occupation Therapy Interview

Finally, you are done with your master’s degree in occupational therapy and you cannot wait to start applying for a job. But before you do, make sure that you have passed the certification exam already. If everything is good, you can submit your resume to healthcare companies, clinics, schools and … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Careers – Assisting the Physically Challenged

Why is occupational therapy one of the best careers to pursue in the past few years? There is a consistently high demand for occupational therapists and the pay is good. Occupational therapy is about assisting the physically challenged and treating them. The goal is to improve their quality of life, … [Read more...]

Five Tips to Help You Jump Into An Occupational Therapy Job

Is being an occupational therapist your calling? Being an occupational therapist is very challenging but is very financially rewarding. It is one of the best careers to pursue this year. The career opportunities are huge and the demand remains high. Occupational therapy jobs vary in responsibilities … [Read more...]

Life As An Occupational Therapist – What To Expect

You have probably heard that there is a high demand for occupational therapists today and you want to see what being an occupational therapist is like. What should you expect when you become an occupational therapist? Is the high salary worth the tough and challenging job? Will you go through … [Read more...]

Pediatric Occupational Therapy – Helping Young People Recover from Injuries

Do you love helping out children? If you have always wanted to become part of the healthcare industry, this is your chance to do so. You can become a pediatric occupational therapist that help the young kids recover from their physical injuries. Do you want to know more about being a pediatric … [Read more...]

OT Jobs – Occupational Therapist Job Description

With today’s demand for various work, we have what we now know as occupational therapists. These people are like nurses. Their main job is to help patients of all ages who have limited abilities to establish themselves or to develop and maintain their ability to be completely functional for mere … [Read more...]

How to Become an Occupational Therapist

What does it really take to become an occupational therapist? Are there college degree programs or is it all about reading from books and attending seminars? There are various ways in order for you to be successful and good at this chosen career. Just like in all other jobs, becoming an occupational … [Read more...]