The Importance of Enrolling In An Accredited Occupational Therapy School

Occupational therapy is one of the fastest growing medical professions in the world today. There is a current and continuous great demand on this field. Many people do recognized these statistics and now are willing to take a completely new adventure by learning and practicing this noble profession. … [Read more...]

The Best Things About An Occupational Therapy Assistant Career

A career as an occupational therapy assistant will offer you a great number of benefits, rewards and other positive factors. From one person to the next, every individual may have a different reason for getting started down this path, or for why they love it as much as they do. With that said, here … [Read more...]

What is the Cost of Occupational Therapy Assistant School?

Before going back to school for any reason or for any potential career path, it's essential to be fully informed about the cost of that schooling. It's also important to be able to relate that to what kinds of benefits and rewards will be available upon completion of the program, so you can … [Read more...]

How Much Do Occupational Therapy Assistants Get Paid?

Occupational therapy is a fantastic career which provides its practitioners at every level to enjoy something which is intrinsically rewarding as they make positive differences in the lives of their patients and clients. However, it's also important to evaluate the logical side of any career or … [Read more...]

Summary Of Occupational Therapy Assistant Education

Occupational therapy is a field on the rise, and more students than ever before are interested in becoming full-time, licensed occupational therapy assistants. OTAs will enjoy a career with many different benefits, but before you can find that dream job, you'll need to complete your education. … [Read more...]

How Do You Become A Occupational Therapy Assistant? (Brief Overview)

Occupational therapy is on the rise, and there is a great need for occupational therapy assistants to enter the workforce. The promise is of a dynamic and rewarding career, with plentiful job opportunities. That all sounds pretty good, but before you can get started, you have to know how to go about … [Read more...]

Employment and Job Outlook For Occupational Therapy Assistants

The entire field of occupational therapy is growing very quickly right now, and that includes everyone from the occupational therapists to the OTAs, or occupational therapy assistants. More students than ever before are getting started down this path, and they'll have the luxury of entering a job … [Read more...]

What Conditions Do Occupational Therapy Assistants Treat?

Occupational therapy assistants work with patients to improve the quality of their lives in many different ways. But what kinds of conditions do OTAs actually treat? It's a huge spectrum potentially, depending on where you work and what kinds of patients you work with, and what more people are … [Read more...]

Where Do Occupational Therapy Assistants Work?

The field of occupational therapy has been exploding over the past decade, and it continues to grow and flourish year after year. With more jobs available and more workers entering the labor force, there is also a growing number of opportunities in different settings for occupational therapy … [Read more...]