OT – Using a Keyboard vs Writing by Hand

The technology market is booming today and children and adults alike are texting, tapping, and typing on keyboards more than ever. This leaves less time for children to master the art of handwriting. However, based on the study from Indiana University, handwriting is extremely important. Handwriting … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy is Top Career in 2011

Occupational Therapists (OT) have a goal of assisting disabled clients to recover or develop the skills they need to become more independent and lead a satisfying life at home and at work. In the traditional setting, an OTs are found in hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, mental health … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapist Assistant – A Lucrative and Satisfying Profession

Occupational therapist assistant is a person who works along with the occupational therapist as he or she attends to the patient. The job can be immensely satisfying personally, professionally and financially. An occupational therapist is always on the search for a good occupational therapist … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapist Job Description – Read More Today

There are actually too many responsibilities and duties getting intended to occupational therapists, Occupational Therapist Job Description are additional complex than what you think it is. As you pursue your career as an occupational therapist you are able to either function freelance or with … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapist Salary – Find Out More Today

Occupational Therapist Salary is among the reasons why some wanted to pursue this course. The capacity for them to earn income from getting an occupational therapist produced them more interested to pursue the course bit not surprisingly additional than the financial support that the profession can … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Schools – Read More Now

You can find many kids and elderly that needs aid when it comes to their motor development, Occupational Therapy Schools are the most beneficial location for them to make sure that they are becoming treated efficiently. Every single day there are more people who get older or young children who needs … [Read more...]

How To Become an Occupational Therapist – Read More On This Topic

Persons tend to be too curious about becoming an occupational therapist; they had been asking The way to Turn out to be an Occupational Therapist, you will find couple of very good reasons why it can be incredibly fascinating for some, among the quite a few is due to the fact the job is offering a … [Read more...]

What is the Cost of Occupational Therapy School?

Occupational Therapy School Cost

Before you go back to school, the all important question of how much that education is going to cost needs to be answered. This is crucial, because it will help you determine whether or not you can really or feasibly get back to school, and then what it might mean for you down the road once you're … [Read more...]

How Much Do Occupational Therapists Get Paid?

Occupational Therapist Salary 2

Individuals pursuing the career of occupational therapy generally are doing so because they have a true passion for this line of work, a real desire to help others, and crave the type of intrinsically rewarding career that occupational therapists enjoy. Still, that doesn't mean that salary and … [Read more...]

Summary Of Occupational Therapist Education

Occupational Therapist Education

Any professional level career is going to require a specific educational path for you to take if you want to gain and hold a job in the field. The same certainly holds true for occupational therapy. Luckily, all of the requirements and basics are well known, so you can prepare yourself in the proper … [Read more...]